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Feline Fundamentals Articles

Cat + dog: 10 tips for a safe introduction

Posted by Jamie Migdal, CPDT-KA/CEO of FetchFind on May 8, 2018
If you'd like to add a cat to your dog-only household, but haven’t the slightest idea of how to go about that without the fur flying, here are my top ten ...
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Tags: Introducing cats to dogs, Dogs, Cats, Feline Fundamentals

Three reasons why Kitten Season is a BIG deal

Posted by Arden Moore, Founder of Pet First Aid 4U on Mar 22, 2018
Welcome to Spring! You can count on March Madness, the start of spring training, the popping up of tulips, and oh yeah, and this is a biggie: kitten season.
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Tags: Cats, Feline Fundamentals, kitten season, Shelters and Rescues, Trap-Neuter-Release

Welcome to the feline revolution!

Posted by Arden Moore, Founder of Pet First Aid 4U on Feb 1, 2018
A generation ago, phrases like catios, cat cafes and catification did not exist. Today, pet careers are being created and expanded out of this global ...
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Tags: Cat Behavior, Cat Care, Cat lovers, Cat Training, Cats, Education, Feline Fundamentals, Pet bloggers, Pet influencers

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