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It's Adopt a Shelter Dog month!

October is National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month! It’s a great time to look for your new best friend, donate to your local shelter, or sign up to be a volunteer either on a regular basis or during emergency foster situations.

To help celebrate the month and the mission, we’d like to introduce you to the shelter dogs who run the FetchFind team.


Sassy and mimsyMimsy (collie) and Sassy (terrier mix) - Mimsy was rescued from a garage, through a word of mouth rehoming effort via a friend of a friend of a friend. Sassy was a Hurricane Harvey foster [failure] through The Anti-Cruelty Society in Chicago. They own FetchFind CEO Jamie Migdal, and share ownership of everyone else in the office.


Hattie croppedHattie (little brown dog) - Hattie was rescued through Be Fido’s Friend in Chicago. She loves everybody, but is partial to big, beardy construction workers and guys wearing toolbelts. Her human is Director of Communications Melanie Jansen (aka, “hey, where’s your dog?”).



Jester (Australian cattle dog mix) - Jester was adopted through a shelter in Barrington, IL nearly 14 years ago. He’s never more than a few feet away from his person, Melissa Prickett, who is in charge of Sales and Operations. His happy place is someone’s lap.




Zippy (Tibetan terrier mix) - Zippy runs FetchFind admin assistant Sydney Fontaine (who named her dog walking company, Zippy Pet Care, after him). He was adopted through PAWS Chicago, and is a seriously quirky little dude.



Surfy face 2Surf (Doberman mix) - Surf met Lynda Lobo, Director of Product Development, during her internship at Best Friends Animal Society. After working with him to help him get adopted, Lynda just couldn't imagine not taking him home. At almost 9 years old, he enjoys naps in the sun, solving food puzzles, and acting in FetchFind's educational videos.


If you’re planning to start looking for your new furry BFF this month, check out this blog post about adopting the dog that’s just right for you.

To set your pups up for success in their new forever homes, check out these blogs on space management techniques and teaching basic behaviors.

Read more by Jamie Migdal, CPDT-KA/CEO of FetchFind

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