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Always be innovating: 8 things we loved at P3

By Lynda Lobo, CPDT-KA

We had an awesome, productive time at the first Progressive Pet Products (P3) show in Chicago this week. This is the short list of the stuff we loved:

mine_food_mat_720The Original Mine Pet Platter  
What we loved about it: This product looks like a cutting board upon first glance… and in some ways it is! Especially awesome for people who feed their pets homemade, canned or raw, the Mine Pet Platter serves as a prep and feeding tool. The crevices and texture keeps food from spilling on the floor and creates a mind game for pets. The material is recyclable, sustainable, super tough and made in the USA. The platter is designed to replicate the way canines and felines would naturally and instinctively eat in the wild. Dogs will slow down and enjoy the puzzle of the meal, and cats love to lick at their food while the flat surface avoids whisker fatigue. We were blown away by the quality and extensive research that went into this brand new product!

surfProject Blue Collar 
What we loved about it:  We all have rescue pets, we love rescue stories and everyone loves to share their rescue story. Project Blue Collar gets that. Not only are the collars and leashes super cute, but they donate one for every purchase. After talking to the incredible Carole Feeny and Kristin Waters for mere minutes, it was obvious how deeply they care about animals and their cause. Surf (my dog! pictured right) is loving his new swag! Pretty soon every FetchFind office dog will be sporting an adorable “I AM A RESCUE” collar!

furrfighters_720 Furrfighters LLC 
What we loved about it:  Created and developed by firefighters, Furrfighters is highly effective fur remover modeled after the very gloves these heroes use on the job. We thoroughly tested these on carpet, car seats, pillows and - ready for this? - fleece. It passed all the tests! Furrfighters comes as a glove or a pocket-size. They’re biodegradable and contain no plastic or stickiness. We also loved the fact that James Rimoshytus and his crew brought 3 bags of dog fur and their fabulous east coast accents.

TW028-2TTwigo Pet ID Tags 
What we loved about it:  Soft, flexible and stylish, Twigo Pet Tags are made of a durable and safe silicone, and they come in a variety of colors and styles. Here’s the best thing: use the special pen included with your tag to customize the information however you like! After you write your information on the tag, simply boil to seal it permanently and you’re good to go! Twigo also makes covers for metal tags so your information stays intact. No more jingling!

3d_box_sdwCheckUp Kit 
What we loved about it: When we saw this in the New Products area, it looked like regular litter with glass beads on top. When we touched the beads we realized it was water! This kit features hydrophobic (aka impenetrable-by-liquid) litter that keeps liquid right on the top so it can easily be collected by the included dropper. The testing strips allow you to monitor your pet’s health at home via easy, non-invasive urine collection. There’s a kit specific to dogs as well. Use as directed by your vet to avoid unnecessary trips to the clinic!

What we loved about it:  Has your pet ever eaten something questionable? Have you rushed to the emergency vet only to find out what your pet got into at 4AM wasn’t toxic after all? WhiskerDocs is the first ever 24-hour pet help line available via phone, email or live chat. Log on with the app or computer and you’ll be connected to a vet tech or veterinarian to help you figure out if you need to seek veterinary attention or not. You can also browse their extensive library of pet health information and store your own veterinary information. If you do need to get help for your pet, you’ll be directed to a local facility that can help. We love this necessary and innovative new service!

social_snacks_Social Snacks  
What we loved about it:  Video is such an effective and important engagement tool for businesses, and it’s becoming an indispensable part of any successful company. Not sure how to incorporate video into your social media marketing plan? Social Snacks will do all the work for you! By subscribing to Social Snacks, you get 5 snack-sized, pet-related videos to post on your own social network EVERY WEEK. Simply add your logo and/or a call to action at the end, and you’ll get all the credit for the inevitable likes, comments and shares. You’re sure to see a huge social media boost. So easy!

WiPINWomen in the Pet Industry Network
What we loved about it: Women face very different challenges across many industries, and the pet industry is no exception. No one understands that more than Women in the Pet Industry Network and their founder, Shawna Schuh. Membership gets you valuable resources, industry discounts, leadership development, extensive networking and more! Our favorite thing about WIPIN is their commitment to keeping their membership valuable and offering unique benefits to members that evolve right along with the industry. Jamie Migdal (our CEO) has been a member of WIPIN for years and we just adore them!

And last but not least, Candace D'Agnolo of Dogaholics gave FetchFind a shout out as a Recommended Resource during her presentation!

candace 3

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