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[fech] verb (used with object)

  1. to go and bring back; return with; get: The Golden Retriever fetched his ball.
  2. to cause to come; bring: to fetch a stick.
  3. Informal. to charm; captivate: That Cocker Spaniel’s beauty fetched the coldest hearts.


[fahynd] verb (used with object), found, find∙ing.

  1. to come upon by chance; meet with: He found a kitten in the street.
  2. to locate, attain, or obtain by search or effort: to find a job working with pets; to find happiness.
  3. to locate or recover (something lost or misplaced): “I can't find my tennis ball” said no Labrador ever.
  4. to discover or perceive after consideration: to find working with pets a dream come true.

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